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There are three basic prompting equipment set up scenarios 

Laptops and Software

We provide the latest Macbook Air's and laptop PC’s installed with the prompting software outputting DVi, HDMI, VGA or composite video signals.


A machine is provided free of charge and runs simultaneously as back up.

The bespoke hand controller runs the scroll speed. 

On Camera Kit

Used for video and film work, the on camera unit is fixed onto the camera tripod. The script is relayed from the LCD flat panel via a reflective one way mirror positioned in front of the camera lens. 


Our On-Camera Units cater for every combination of platform and camera, from on-the-shoulder ENG systems to the biggest studio pedestals. 

Lectern Kit


Often referred to as a Presidential System, it's a classic lectern set up. The metal base holds the LCD monitor and adjustable metal pole in position.


At the top of the Pole a bracket holds the reflective glass plate in position. The height of the glass is adjustable between 1 and 1.9 metres. Electric programmable poles are available when you have speakers of differing heights.




Electric Poles 

For occasions where the presentation involves more than one speaker, particularly if they are of different heights. The motorised poles are remotely controlled and can be set during rehearsals, heights stored and re-called for each presenter. (see Technical Stuff page)



15" LCD confidence monitors

The latest high contrast LCD monitors can be used as stand alone “confidence” monitor.


We can provide either HDMI, composite video or VGA feeds to connect to your own plasmas. 


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